Stull's Thou Shalt Not!

Another deeply weird composite piece from Stull . . . created with a certain level of unawareness in the black void of time. Just in time for Halloween! Hit the link to visit the Stull Soundcloud page to check it out!

Stull's "Dust and Butter"

Dust and Butter is the third installment in a series of composite pieces by my trio Stull.

Original percussion/field recording concept recorded by Tracy. Stephen and Jeff responded to Tracy's piece separately, with no awareness of each other's track beyond that. Jeff put the various parts together, massaged them into being...

Stull presents "Benway's Overture" on Soundcloud

Check out the truly weird results of sound collage/composite idea that began with a percussion/field recording track. "Benway's Overture" takes three different performances and turns them into something super-freaky that never happened. Stream and download on Soundcloud. Be sure to follow for more Stull updates!

New Stull track on Soundcloud

Check out the killer results of a weird sound collage/composite idea that began with a percussion track. "Tear Kettle" takes three different performances and turns them into something awesome that never happened.

While you're there, you can follow the page to know when all the new Stull stuff arrives!

Stull on Soundcloud!

My long-running improv trio Stull is now on Soundlcloud. 3 recent tracks there for listening and free downloads . . . and more to come. Hit the link below and subscribe for updates as they happen!

scum piano sand guitar

scum piano sand guitar is, at its heart, a piano and guitar piece--but this whirlwind collaboration with multidimensional artist vylter will amazingly tear itself apart and reconstruct itself right before your very ears! Out now for streaming and download at the link below.

I Borrowed Your Axe

An extreme collection of outsider guitarists! Yours truly on guitar on track 10 on this crazy collaboration with my friend Bret Hart and '80s DIY icon Tom Furgas!

Tom Furgas: Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 software
Bret Hart: guitar, percussion, StrumStick, cheap keyboard, Ebow, field recordings, arrangements
with guest frontal guitarists:...

gowith Heralds in the new year!

Heralds is the result of a lengthy day of recording that we whittled down to just the stuff that floated out boats in the best ways. Marshall and I are really pleased with the way this one turned out, and offer it to you for streaming and download on our...

Clawing's Labour out today!

The latest recording by my dark drone/noise project Clawing is out now on Grey Matter Productions. 30 minutes of dynamic darkness with the spoken word of Matt Finney. Digital downloads and pro-dubbed tapes available now!

New gowith on Bandcamp!

Two new tracks by my psych-drone guitar duo with Marshall Marrotte. Recorded and mixed on tape by Jim Marrer at Zero Return. Tape mastering by Tom Borthwick at SIS Studios. Streaming and downloads from Bandcamp.

New Witchchord now on Bandcamp!

Materialize, the latest recording by Witchchord is out now on Bandcamp. This is our second release, and, while still instrumental and proggy, it’s a bit darker and heavier. Once again, it features the talents of Shane Gillis on guitar and keys, Tracy Harris on drums, Tom Sellers on keys and...

Clawing/Offerbeest Split out now!

The latest recording by my noise/dark ambient/spoken word trio Clawing is out now, courtesy of Nailbat Tapes. 4 disturbing tracks from Clawing, and 4 punishing noise tracks from Offerbeest (Maurice de Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues). High quality cassettes, digital downloads and streaming.

Joyless Noise, Vol. 5 out now!

Volume 5 in a series of joylessly noisy musicks is now available for download and streaming on my Bandcamp page. I have to say that this is my favorite in the series. Deep, dark and thematic. Board the doomed ship and find out. Features excellent artwork once again by Austin...

Joyless Noise on Freakface! Radio

I have two Joyless Noise tracks on Freakface! Radio, which is an online "radio station" for listening while playing the magazine boardgame Freakface! from Emperors Of Eternal Evil. The whole station is awesome, even if you're not playing the game. The Joyless Noise tracks are Skeletal Reflection 1 & 2....

Dead Dream City out now!

Dead Dream City, my split CD with TN’s Degtras is available now from Wood & Stone Productions. The disc features 2 longform tracks of darkest drone and deep, pummeling synthesis to rattle your brain. Degtras’ Road To The Dark City puts you on the bleak highway, and my Thomas Ligotti-inspired...

Dead Dream City split preorders

My upcoming split CD with TN's Degtras is available for preorder. It's called Dead Dream City, and features a lengthy track from each of us. Dark electronic drone that will take you directly to the dark city. Features amazing artwork from Austin Gaines. Release date is December 21. Hit the...

Working in the shadows...

Seems like not has been happening musically this year, but I've finally put a link here to the newest gowith recording that's been out for a while.

I've been working in the shadows on many other things.

We've got a new batch of Witchchord songs ready to go for a...

Updating finally!

Some long-needed updating going on here! A recording by gowith, my duo with Marshall Marrotte, is available and some news about some horror prog that I'm playing bass on nowadays! Keep your eye on the Newsfeed and Works section!


I've been playing bass in a horror prog instrumental band called Witchchord for a good part of this year. We just finished up recording 9 songs for a release later in the year. It's been a blast playing with friends old and new, and writing some creepy prog music! I'll...

Thoss tapes & a Joyless duo

Works section has been updated, and you can now order Drub/Jeff McLeod split cassettes directly from here. You can also jump backwards into 2014 and link out to Joyless Noise Volumes 2 & 3. Joyless Noise, Vol. 4 has just been completed, so there'll be some news about that soon...

Updates coming soon!

Website is about to be updated with all the releases that have happened, yet haven\'t been documented here (Joyless Noise 2 & 3, Drub split cassette, etc.). Things are a bit outdated now, but that will be remedied soon! Until then, check out the link below to get current!

Drub split cassettes are in!

I have a box of split cassettes (with Montreal's Drub) featuring a new drone piece called "Thoss" that just arrived. Updates to this site coming soon! Until then, you can order physical and digital versions at the link below.

Finally an update...

...about, well--UPDATING! I am in the process of getting the site refreshed with new releases, new sounds and new content. I'm also working towards trimming it down to something more minimal that I will be more likely to CONTINUE to update!

More info here soon about my two final...

Limited Edition Fantasy Violence tapes!

Limited editions (30) of my latest release with my electronic duo Fantasy Violence are now available from Sanctum Abyss. Each comes in a hand sewn canvas bag stamped with a circuit-like design in either red, black, or blue. These are only available through Sanctum Abyss, and when they're gone, that's...

I Wonder What Ever Became Of Me

Tapes & digital downloads of I Wonder What Ever Became Of Me are now both available from Montreal's GBS Records. Three lengthy pieces performed & processed live on the Moog guitar. Lovely artwork created by Acerbic Noise's Chad Baker.

Fantasy Violence downloads & cassettes!

Downloads and cassettes are now available for Frangments by Fantasy Violence--the iOS-based recording duo with myself and my friend Christopher Scott Davis. This was totally created with Nanostudio on a pair of iPads, sharing tracks between Alabama & Tennessee via Dropbox. Cassette edition of 50. Write me for info.


Migration Of The Device split lp!

In July Trdmrk Recordings will be releasing a split 12" lp with my Migration Of The Device EP and two new songs by the amazing Akasa. In addition to the teaser track that you hear in the background on this site, you can also hear another new track at the...

Teaser track from new recording!

A one-song teaser from my upcoming debut E.P for GBS Records "I Wonder What Ever Became Of Me " that will be out sometime this spring ( March-April) on cassette and for digital download.

Moog guitar processed live through csGrain. More info soon!

Fantasy Violence coming soon!

This is a preview track from an upcoming release "Frangments." It was recorded by my pal Christopher Davis and myself, using iOS devices and swapping files between Dropbox.

The full length will be coming soon from Sanctum Abyss. Cassette and digital download. More info soon!

No's Scum Commodities out now!

Scum Commodities, the latest No recording, is now up for downloading and listening! In the upcoming weeks, you'll be able to order CDs from the site as well. I'll update as soon as they are available for order! We'll have 10 special edition CDs at our Montgomery and Nashville shows....

Forthinking, Vol. 3 out now!

This is the third and final volume in an experimental electronic series using a minimal setup of an iOS MIDI control application, a Moog Voyager and an Ensoniq Fizmo. Pay what you want download and streaming. Enjoy!

Currently recording new No songs!

Basic tracking is done for a new No recording called Scum Commodities! Vocals next and mixing in the upcoming weeks. It'll be up on Bandcamp for a pay what you want download, or you will be able to order a handmade CD edition as well. More as it happens...

New Gezoleen track on 4-way split!

Just in! The Blsphm/Gezoleen//Hadals/Knoll 4-way split cassette featuring a new 12-minute long Gezoleen track. Released by Tapes Of A Neon God. A limited edition of 100. More info on the link. If you'd like to get a copy, email me for availability at subversiveworkshop@gmail....

8 new improv vids!

Check out the videos in the gallery for 8 new vid improvs on the TC-11, Tachyon and Moog guitar!

New improv videos!

Check out the gallery section for new videos of 3 improvisations on Bit Shape's TC-11 multitouch synth on the iPad!

Scalps Of Gods

Scalps Of Gods, my latest recording, is now available for streaming and pay-what-you-want download. The combination of software synths, sequencing & sampling and analog synthesis involved in this process was liberating and inspiring. I'm very happy with this monstrosity.

New limited release collaboration with The Zann Family...

Now available! Special handmade additions of a collaboration I did with T. Platt Zann for The Zann Family's Coronation Of The Mercurial. A near half-hour psych nightmare. Otherworldly.

Available at Wuxtry and Low Yo Yo in Athens, GA, or directly (possibly even free) from the Zann Family at:


New avant-acoustic duo gowith!

Just out! Download or stream! Enjoy!

gowith takes acoustic drone to another dimension, getting lost within the moment and the notes and the sound and the sound.

Marshall Marrotte & Jeff McLeod - guitars, field recordings & photos.

Listen to Under Dim Self now!

Under Dim Self, nearly a year in the making, is a short, stark, dark, concise collection of songs filled with curses, laments & memories. I wrote, executed and recorded everything myself. Took quite a while, but I'm very pleased with it.

In the upcoming weeks, Under Dim Self will be...

Armhole trio debut!

Just played my first show in Athens, GA at Flicker Theater with Armhole, a new trio with Jeff Rieter (Baghouse, The Heap) on bass and Eric Harris (Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power) on drums and tapes. Using the Moog guitar extensively with this. Recordings and shows soon, hopefully, In the...

Vyathist recording finished!

Just finished up recording 8 songs with Vyathist, a metal band from Montgomery that I sing with. No samples or website up yet, but you can check out the Vyathist Facebook page from the link. More sounds coming soon, though.

Under Dim Self update

3 more songs to go on the new recording! Should have it finished up by fall. More info on the handmade physical copies and downloads coming soon. For now, check the link for a rough mix of a new song called "Unrelate" from Under Dim Self!

Under Dim Self

Currently working on a solo recording entitled Under Dim Self. Two pieces finished so far. This recording will feature fully-written songs, all kinds of instrumentation and tons of vocals. I'm really happy with what I've done so far. I'll be sharing some of it here soon.

I hope to have...

First shows out with the Moog guitar!

Check my Dates section for a link to listen to my first peformance on the Moog guitar live online on WUOG in Athens, GA on Oct. 7! I'll also be doing my second show on the guitar the next night, Oct. 8, at Floorspace in Athens, GA. More info in...

Lost hosts

As of today, I've lost hosting for many of my releases that were available online via Amie Street. Amie Street is closing up shop on Sept. 22, and their site is pretty down already . . . so there's TONS of my music that you won't be able to link to from the...

Moog E1 guitar!

For the past few weeks, I've been working with a new Moog E1 guitar. If you're not familiar with the Moog guitar, use the link for more info. I think it's the first true innovation on the electric guitar, and I am happy to be working with such an amazing...

Malevolent Functions

A collection of free and prepared improvisations on the Moog Voyager and Ensoniq Fizmo synthesizers. All tracks are first takes and were recorded live on June - July 2010 at The Subversive Workshop.

Listen to and download the entire recording for free!

Free music from The Hemogoblins

Two free tracks by a free-improv-noise-doom trio called The Hemogoblins that I play guitar and "sing" with. These are two long improvisations recorded in September of last year at The Bottletree and Green Cup Books in Birmingham, AL.

I've also added our first full-length recording from 2000. You can download...

Ever-Stretching Shadow Limited Edition!

Ever-Stretching Shadow is my latest recording, and comes in a limited edition of 50--each with a unique, numbered, handmade sleeve. See the Works section for more details and ordering info.

There are two tracks ("Ever-Stretching Shadow" and "The Horror Approaches") in the autoplayer on the site, so give 'em a...

What's old is now new!

One of two of my slightly older recordings are now available online for free download.

The first is Reeds, a recording of a long-running improv trio of mine called Stull. Thanks to Kenny Johnson for posting this, and for his excellent playing on the recording.

What's old is now new #2!

The is the second of some older recordings of mine that have recently been posted online for downloading.

This one is a recording of live electronic music called Autosymptomatic. Keith Goodwin, Scott Looney and myself had a great time making this music a couple of years ago, and it's finally...

Switch 3 now online!

Some new tracks with some of my guitar work are now online.

I'm on 7 tracks on Switch 3, which was assembled by my friend Jeff Rackley from Atlanta, GA. All the guitar work was taken from source material that I sent him a good long while ago. It's amazing,...