Witchchord - Materialize

Second release from Witchchord. Recorded and mixed by the band once again. Mastered by Jamie Uertz at Silver Cord Studio in NY. Artwork by Shea Goodwin. 8 tracks of freaky, dark, instrumental prog rock that will twist your brain. Streaming and downloads at the link below.

Clawing/Offerbeest Split

Two of the finest practitioners of unsettling audioscapes team here for varied takes on drone, noise, and sonic wrangling.

AL's Clawing is a collaboration between the prolific trio of Jeff McLeod (Gezoleen, Saragashum, Bert) Austin Gaines (Calques, Hadals, Japanese Women), and poet / spoken word artist Matt Finney (It Only Gets Worse). Their work here is an expansion on the ghostly world conjured on their masterful debut, "Spectral Estate," with an unsettling aura that rests atop a current of anxiety and contemplation.

Offerbeest is one of the many guises for Dutch artist Maurice de Jong, perhaps best known for his work in the twisted black metal / experimental terror that is Gnaw Their Tongues. With Offerbeest, Maurice relies on analog synths to conjure bleak passages through demon haunts.

High quality cassettes, digital downloads and streaming via Nailbat Tapes.

Joyless Noise, Vol. 5

You float through the void in your doomed ship, your mates all dead, biding your time staring into a dim mirror, repulsed and entranced by a hideous reflection.

Volume 5 in a series of joylessly noisy musicks.

All music created and recorded by Jeff McLeod at The Subversive Workshop, late 2017 - April 2018.

Skeletal Reflection 1 & 2 were originally created for Freakface Radio and the magazine boardgame Freakface, released by Emperors Of Eternal Evil.

Clawing - Spectral Estate

Debut full-length from noise/dark drone/spoken word trio Clawing. Jeff on guitar and synths, alongside Austin Gaines (Calques, Japanese Women) and Matt Finney (It Only Gets Worse, Heinali). Bleak and disturbing stuff. Cassettes available from Dullest Records. Streaming and downloads available from clawing.bandcamp.com.