The Universe, The Devil, The Hermit

One ultra-dense 20-minute electronic noise drone piece, inspired by the cards of the same name from Aleister Crowley's Thoth tarot.

Joyless Noise, Vol. 4

Joyless Noise, Vol. 4 is focused on towering walls of guitar, and features masterful contributions from my friends Marshall Marrotte & Jeff Rieter

Austin Gaines contributed fantastic artwork to the series, with this image being a particular favorite of mine from the brilliant bunch.

Baghouse - Thossian

Take a visit to author Thomas Ligotti's mysterious doctor with Baghouse. This is a deeply weird, noise-laced, massive session from 2013, and is one of my favorites that we've done. Recorded live with no overdubs. Free to stream and download, so enjoy!

Drub/Jeff McLeod split cassette

A split cassette on Cuchabata Records with Montreal's Drub. Limited, numbered edition of 50. American Edition tapes & downloads are available at the link below. JM's track is "Thoss," a deep, dark, 28-minute pit of drone.