Without Hope

Moog guitar & Echoplex Digital Pro. Recorded live on the air at WUOG in Athens, GA, USA on 10-7-10. Released by GBS Records. Free/pay-what-you-want download!

Photo by JM. Ring design by Ashley Robison at Cinnabar Lounge

Borne Down Upon

Written, executed & recorded by Jeff McLeod at The Subversive Workshop between April and November of 2013.

Synths, programming & vocals by Jeff McLeod.
Artwork by Neal Williams at epicproblems.com

Download comes with a packet of alternate art by Neal Williams and drawings by JM completed during the recording & mixing sessions.

Thus ends a trilogy began in 2011.

Dedicated to no one, nothing, never & nonsense.

Suckbuddy - Two Lips

Two Lips is the latest recording by my electrounfriendliness duo Suckbuddy. Suckbuddy is Keith Goodwin and myself wiring all our synths together in different control configurations until we feel we've created one large, playable instrument. All basic tracks are executed live before going back and dressing them out with shortwave radio, vocoding, etc. Free/pay-what-you-want download! Please enjoy!

Migration Of The Device

Originally conceived to be one side of a split lp, which could still see the cold light of day eventually. Until that time, please accept these digital incantations towards a physical manifestation. Digital download comes with a set of drawings and photos from the recording session. Cold, dark, massive electronic curses.

Fantasy Violence Limited Editions

Limited editions (30) of my latest release with my electronic duo Fantasy Violence are now available from Sanctum Abyss. Each comes in a hand sewn canvas bag stamped with a circuit-like design in either red, black, or blue. Colors will be distributed randomly unless otherwise noted by the purchaser. These are only available through Sanctum Abyss, and when they're gone, that's it.

MOTHMEAT -D-Composition

Instrumental acoustic reptile dinner party music doesn't need life, it gets high on drugs. MOTHMEAT is my droney/soundtrack-ish acoustic duo with Drew Martin. D-Composition is our first recording. Listening and pay-what-you-want downloads!

Frangments - Fantasy Violence

Cassettes & pay-what-you-want downloads are now available for Frangments by Fantasy Violence--the iOS-based recording duo with myself and my friend Christopher Scott Davis. This was totally created with Nanostudio on a pair of iPads, sharing tracks between Alabama & Tennessee via Dropbox. Enquire on the site about cassettes! Enjoy!

30 limited edition cassettes available soon on Sanctum Abyss. Enquire at http://sanctumabyss.bigcartel.com/.

Baghouse - 3-16-13

A recording of the first Baghouse session in nearly 12 years! Some amazing, high-level improvisation here, and a fantastic recording of the days' music. Moog guitar, live looping, bass, drums, effects and blissful musical moments. Have a listen or a pay-what-you-want download. Enjoy the music!

I Wonder What Ever Became Of Me

Performed & processed live on the Moog Guitar through csGrain. Dark walls of deep sound. Available on 50 limited edition, hand-numbered cassettes & as a digital download from Montreal's GBS Records. Lovely artwork created by Acerbic Noise's Chad Baker.