Under Dim Self

Nearly a year in the making, Under Dim Self is a short, stark, dark, concise collection of songs filled with curses, laments & memories. I wrote, executed and recorded everything myself. Took quite a while, but I'm very pleased with it. You can listen for free at the link.

Low-priced digital downloads available soon!

Vyathist - Faceless, Dreamless

Vyathist is a metal band that I sing for that features members of Weak Music For Thomas, Last Transgression and bert. Heavy, classic, progressive & doom-y. Hit the link to stream it for free or download for a low price.

Rollicking Liveness, Vol. 15

A favorite recording from a series of shows with Killick (H'arpeggione & foot drums) and Christofer Varner (trombone). Recorded live at Sous Whiskey Marin in Atlanta, GA. Stream, download, enjoy!

The Cult Of No (rehearsal recordings)

4 new No songs, recorded in our rehearsal space on a stereo field recorder. Stream or download for free.