Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces

The Project: record ten seconds of music or musical thought every day of the year 2000. The result: Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many Pieces.

Ye Shall Be Cut Into Many pieces is a musical journal of sorts. For every day of the year 2000, I recorded 10 seconds of something . . . no matter where I was or what I was doing. Sounds range from complete compositions written and recorded at home to field recordings of tour performances and church bells recorded in Madison, WI.

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Bad Calm Zero - Btiam

A series of duets with the amazing guitarist Scott Bazar. Dual guitar interplay and whacked-out electronics rule the day on Btiam.

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Liquid Brick - Extinct

The first recording that I did as a member of Liquid Brick. Crazy, junkist tribal noise. Open the link for the Liquid Brick Myspace page for samples, and where you can contact the founding LB members for more info.

Bret Hart/Jeff McLeod - Dynamic Negativism

Duets with North Carolina's talented Brett Hart. Recorded as part of his ongoing Instrumentales Series. Dense compositions, featuring wild percussion, electronics and heaping helpings of skronk guitar.

The link will take you to Brett's Instrumentals page, where you can contact him for a copy.

CT Project - Acoustic

Contributed a track for this looper's Chain Tape Collective compilation on Ribosome Music.

The guidelines for this project were basic: only acoustic instruments allowed. Some contributors stayed traditional, working out pieces to be performed live in real time, while others built their tracks using an array of instruments that would make an ethnomusicologist's head spin.

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Live At Eyedrum Vol. 3

Contributed a track to this yearly compilation from the good folks at Eyedrum in Atlanta, GA. Other artists inlude Wally Shoup, Davey Williams, The Gold Sparkle Band and more!

The link will take you the the ED Recordings page, where info on all the Eyedrum compilations can be found.

Konx – Conjunxtion

Second CD from this Atlanta group, featuring Robert Cheatham, alto and soprano sax, electronics; Richard Gess, bass and guitar; Bryan Fielden, drums; with Monika Weiss vocals on cut one and Jeff McLeod, guitar on cuts 5-10.

Unholy unions of electronica and free jazz. Yikes!

The link will take you to the Ed Recordings page for more info.