Saragashum - The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

The second CD by Saragashum.

Pounding, mean-spirited and cerebral. Dark & aggressive instrumental prog rock influenced by the likes of Dazzling Killmen, King Crimson, Swans, Cheer-Accident, & Shudder To Think.

Open the link to order.

Liquid Brick - Two Dimensional...

More tribal junkism from Liquid Brick. Open the link for our Myspace page, where you can hear samples and contact the founding members for copies of LB's many recordings.

Liquid Brick - The Meathammers

The second of a pair of releases from tribal junkists Liquid Brick. Hit the link to hear samples and contact the founding members for recordings.

Something Funny At The Funeral Today

by Trance Ignition Model

Contributed Chapman stick to this acoustic-based collection of songs helmed by Shane Gillis. Also, did some recording and mixing of the tracks.

Shane Gillis - 6 & 12 string guitars, bass, synth, and vocals
Missy Gillis - cello, violin, synth, and vocals
Chad Baker - drums and percussion
Jeff McLeod - Chapman Stick
Tyson Platt - synth and other electronic secrecy

The link will take you to the band's Myspace page for sounds and more info.