Jeff McLeod - Ever-Stretching Shadow

A limited edition of 50--each with a unique, numbered, handmade sleeve. Very quiet and minimal . . . recorded live with a simple stereo field recorder, using only guitar and my amp's reverbs (with occasional use of an e-bow). I recorded over 100 pieces, and sifted through them for the 6 that make up this 25-minute recording.

In the upcoming months, the recording will also be available as a free download from WM Recordings, who have hosted my last three releases.

Open the link for listening and ordering!

Reverse Engineer - IV

I recently had the honor of playing guitar with my friends in Reverse Engineer on their latest recording entitled IV. You can listen and download directly from

NOTE: After 9-22-10, the file host Amiestreet will be gone and the link will no longer work, so please email Kenny for copies of this recording: