Jeff McLeod - At The End Of The Path

Live solo guitar improvisations with an Echoplex Digital Pro. Released in 2007 on WM Recordings. This is a free digital download of the entire album, artwork and CD labels.

Scientists Levitate Small Animals

By Zepubicle.

A creaking, groaning piece of free improv noise/doom created by Zepubicle, featuring the amazing drumming of Tatsuya Nakatani. Recorded live at The Mercury Arts Center in Athens, GA. Released by Solponticello in 2007. Open the related link for more details, sound samples and ordering info.

45.95 - Rotting

5 tracks of live electronics and Chapman stick, recorded at The Subversive Workshop. Vonda McLeod on synths, electronics and percussion. Me on Chapman stick. Hit the link for samples and to download.

Autosymptomatic - s/t

Three dashing men and their machines, all controlling each other and vice versa within a refreshingly pointless existence. Live electronic deep listening for those considering brain damage.

Devices & manipulations:

Keith Goodwin
Scott Looney
Jeff McLeod

Recorded live at The Subversive Workshop 3-4-07.

Open the link for samples and to download.

Crotch Rocket Extremities...

...and-or Popular Culture Atrocities
By Dr. Midnight

Two dark stains on the Montgomery, Alabama independent music community form Dr. Midnight in order to take on the RPM Challenge to record a CD in one month.

Open the related link for samples and a free download of the recording.

NOTE: After 9-22-10, the file host Amiestreet will be gone and the link will no longer work, so please email Kenny for copies of this recording:

Bottom Feeders

Contributed 2 tracks featuring bass guitar and Chapman stick to this compilation of bass-centric music put together by Mobile, AL's Dauphin St. Sonic Arts Collective.

Hit the link for more details.

Jeff McLeod - Death Of Thought

Jeff McLeod - Death Of Thought

Limited hand-made subscriber's club CD. Out of print.