Thee Contortionists vs. Jeff McLeod

An all electronic split between myself and the excellent Thee Contortionists. Music and album artwork available in a free download. Analog & digital synthesis delirium!

Skryxl - Everything Looks Better On Fire

Aggressive free improv doom-core. Music in the moment, pulled from another world and delivered to the head with an ugly hammer blow. Open the link for sounds and ordering!

Liquid Brick - Space Shuttle Cock

Sheets of sound, texture and abstract melody collide with a mountain of ancient machinery. Each copy of Space Shuttle Cock comes packaged in a handsome, hand-screened cardboard wallet. Launch the related site to listen and order!

bert - nufux

7 new songs by my old noise rock band from the '90s bert--plus a re-recorded old one. These were all written for a one-off reunion this year. Available as a free download from Chicken Ranch Records.